The factory is located on a large industrial area in Turnhout

Direct access is available to the European Highway E34 Antwerp-Eindhoven (exit 23).

The QC –laboratory (analytical and microbiological laboratory) and archives are located in building D (see site access plan).
Both labs are equipped with state of the art control equipment. .

The company made large investments in order to expand and keep facilities up to date to the current state of the art and all operations are performed under full cGMP-conditions.
The plant is subject to continuous improvement and reengineering to optimize material and personnel flows and to incorporate a full hygiene zone concept.

The lay-out of the production facility is based on an integrated vertical material flow and complete segregation between technical and clean areas.
The same principle was used to construct the packaging department with a complete separation between primary and secondary packaging activities.
14 packaging lines are installed following this principle. All “open” product (environmental contact) is handled  in a class 100.000 environment.

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