Our tools


Blister lines: blistering, packing and wrapping machines

5x Uhlmann 1030 MTI blister machines in combination with C2155 cartoner, 1x Klöckner Hänsel CP10 + C2155, 1x Klöckner Hänsel CP8 + C130. All lines have online (unit dose) printing and are able to run all thermoforming and cold forming foils with (cross) perforation; wrappers Skinetta, Pester; checkweighers OCS, Bosch.

Liquid filling lines: filling, labelling, packing

Gröninger DFK 6001 / MCS for bottles 5 ml up to 300 ml (up to 7200 bottles/hr), Farmomac F57 for bottles 5 ml up to 500 ml (up to 4000 bottles/hr)

Tablet/capsule counting equipment

Gordic tube filler (dia 16, 20, 25 mm), Cremer container filler

Powder filling equipment (bottles, containers)

Optima screw dosing powder filler (2 gr up to …)

Sachet filling equipment

Klöckner Hänsel LA160 for powders (0.5 till 5 gr), tablets, liquids and semi solids (1.0 up to 100.0 ml) able to run paper and multiplex foils.

Labelling equipment syringes and vials

Rota, Baush & Ströbel, Neri, Herma

Semisolid filling line

1x Accela Cota 350 (non ex); 1x Accela Cota 150 (ex proof); 1x Accela Cota 150 (non ex)

Semisolid preparation vessels

Kalix Dupuis KX80 2ml up to 100 ml metal tubes (up to 4000 tubes/hr), Crespi suppository filler (up to 10000 suppo/hr) in PVC (PE) preformed (and printed) moulds