Our tools


Mixing, granulating equipment

2 x Gral 300 ; 1x Gral 600 ; 3 x conical

Drying equipment

fluid bed, tray dryer Fluid bed Glatt 1500 (capacity 650 kg), Vector (capacity 90 kg) both fluid beds equipped for fluid bed granulation (WSG) or in combination with high shear granulator; Lytzen tray dryer (capacity 180 kg)

Dry and wet mills

KEK; Quadro; Fitzmill; Frewitt

Final blending

2 x Tumbler for IBC’s 1500 l or drums 100 or 200l

Tablet presses

3 x Fette 2090; 2 x Fette 1200; 1 x Fette 2100; 2 x Fette 3100; 1x Kilian RX67….. (tooling EU B, BB, BBB, D)

Capsule-filling machine for hard gelatin-capsules

Bosch 1x GKF 2500; 1x GKF 1500; 1x GKF 1200….

Film- and sugar-coating equipment

1x Accela Cota 350 (non ex); 1x Accela Cota 150 (ex proof); 1x Accela Cota 150 (non ex)

Semisolid preparation vessels

Ahlborn 400 l for crèmes, ointments suppositories; Unimix 15 l pilot plant

Liquid vessels

Packo 5000 l (non ex); 2000 l (non ex); 1000 l (ex proof)